C#- Programming Guide | Starting Phase Learning(12)

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Starting Phase comes to an end.

Before moving to the next phase, answer yourself to these to make sure you can move on to the next phase (Beginner Phase ) .

Questions on the dealt topics faced in the first phase of learning.
Starting phase :

  1. What are the compilers in C#?
  2. What is an assembly in C#?
  3. What is a class library in C# , What is the use of Class library in C#.?
  4. What is a namespace in C# , name few namespaces used in C#?
  5. What are the differences between WriteLine() and Write()?
  6. What are the comments and region in C#? How you define and what are i=the types of comment used.
  7. Do comments affect your code and what are its uses?
  8. What are data types in C# , list few of them?
  9. Type Conversion/ Type Casting in C#?
  10. What are different types of Operators in C#?
  11. What are unary operators?
  12. What are the conditional statement?
  13. Explain looping, give an example to illustrate the difference between for and while loop in C#?
  14. Ternary operator syntax in C#.
  15. Difference between C and C#?

Some sample program to practice;

1.Write a program to print like below ;

Name : Your lovely name
DateOfBirth: 27/01//1993
Address: Singapore
Mobile No: 897xxxxxxxxxxx
Email: [email protected]

2.Write a program to print the maximum of 3 numbers i.e 9 , 7 , 3 without using looping
3.Write a program toprint sum of 10 numbers;
4.Write a program to print the maximum of n numbers;
5.Write a program to operate switch case statement
6.Write a program to find out the prime numbers among 1 to user choice(n)
7.Write a program to find out the leap years from 1900 to today’s date
8.Write a program to count vowels in a given strings.
9.Write a program to check given strings are equal or not .
10.Write a program to input weekday number and print the weekday
11.Write a program to design a simple calculator using if else if statements
12.Write a program to design a simple calculator using switch case statement
case 1: Addition’
case 2 : Subtraction
case 3 : Multiplication
case 4 ; Division
default: print “wrong choice”

Sample example :

 namespace TenOClocks
     public class Program
         //To calculate interest and ampount in C#
         static void Main(string[] args)
             Console.WriteLine("Lets calculate Interet and Amount for certain principle , rate and time");//Printing the line
             Console.WriteLine("Enter the principle to calculate the intrest");//Printing the line
             string principle = Console.ReadLine();//user input for teh principle
             Console.WriteLine("Enter the rate of intererst");
             string rate = Console.ReadLine();//user input for rate of interest
             Console.WriteLine("Enter the time in years");
             string time = Console.ReadLine();//user input for time
             float p = Convert.ToInt16(principle);//Type casting
             float r = Convert.ToInt16(rate);//Type casting 
             float t = Convert.ToInt16(time);//Type casting
             Console.WriteLine("Would you like to calculate simple Interst?");
             for(int i = 0; i<=25; i++)
             {                              //For loop to print ****            {
       Console.WriteLine("Select y for yes and n for no");
        string key = Console.ReadLine();//user input for yes or no
        key = key.ToLower();
        switch (key)//switch operation
            case "y":
                if (p > 0 && r > 0 && t > 0)//if with logical operators
                    float interest = (p * r * t) / 100;//calculating principle
                    Console.WriteLine("The calculated interest is" + interest);
            case "n":
                float amount = p + ((p * r * t) / 100);//calculating amount
                Console.WriteLine("The calculated amount is" + amount);
                Console.WriteLine("You have entered a wrong choice");//printing default satatement




Lets calculate Interet and Amount for certain principle , rate and time
Enter the principle to calculate the intrest
Enter the rate of intererst
Enter the time in years
Would you like to calculate simple Interst?
Select y for yes and n for no
The calculated interest is200

** This is the end of the starting phase.You are ready to move on for the beginner phase where we will concentrate towards below topics.

  • Some more data types
  • Boxing and unboxing
  • Strings, Arrays
  • Standard loopings
  • Standard conditional statements
  • Functions
  • Simple Class and Object

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