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Coronavirus Death Rate – The present nick of humanity

Coronavirus Death Rate: With Coronavirus spreading like rapid fire in most of the countries and in the setback of the visa term coming to an end or cashlessness or medical reasons, we all are well aware of our NRI’s putting forward the request to be brought back to their motherland. The government of India understanding the troubles, started a mission called ‘VANDE BHARAT’ and ‘SAMUDRA SETHU’ over 1 lakh NRI’s, with the mission to bring back to the nurturing arms of the country. The mission was kick-started on May 7. Between 7th and 10th May, 25 flights have been operated, and 2 ships been deployed to bring back 14,800 Indians.

Definitely it’s heartwarming to see that government has taken this big risk of bringing them back, thereby accepting the challenges from all over the world. The effort put in by the country for seemingly elementary tasks like this, is tremendous. Apart from the arrangement of flights, trains, ships, etc for the movement, the government has also made the drivers well prepared for the task ahead of them. Then to arrange cheap and free isolation centers, PPE kits., thermal scanners-in, and other virus-fighting equipment in short a herculean task is being done.

A pic by the new york times (Migrants stranded)

Civil Aviation minister Hardeep Singh Puri said, “The mission to evacuate those being stranded in different locations of the world is most complicated, comprehensive and challenging evacuation plans because it’s not an evacuation plan held in a normal setting…” True to his words, the conditions are not normal or predictable. We are going through a fight against an invisible enemy, the coronavirus. The passengers have to be transported safely. A lot is at stake. With the end of the first phase and the commencing days of the second phase of the mission which began on 16 May, a drastic effect has been seen in the state of COVID reports. The best example to be cited will be that of Kerala, where prior to the mission there were days when cases were nil but now they have reached 62, the highest reported ever.

I don’t say that we stop bringing the NRI’s or restrict interstate travel, but for people to have more care on the way they address themselves to the rules laid down by the government. A rise has been seen in the cases dealing with the breaking of lockdown restrictions. They are misusing the freedom given to them to go out for certain necessary tasks only. Unaware of the harm, no only they make themselves to suffer but to their society as well. And with society, it means ultimately the world. Everyone isn’t getting accused here but there are people who still take everything in a light manner. Remember guys the government out there, be it any party, all are working together to contain the spread of the virus. That’s why lockdowns have become a part of our life. The allowances given during this time should be utilized meticulously.

Following the rules of quarantine is a must for every citizen. Why? Because the country has already taken enough risk to contain the virus. Those who have been brought back to their homes should see this as a little sacrifice that they could do without any loss, isn’t it? Think about all the people you will be staying by marking your isolation. Will you love to take the curse of society for spreading viruses? What about you psychologically? One side you will be fighting the disease and on the other end everybody will hate you for your ignorance. You have the choice in your hand.

Talking about society, certain sectors of people have been harming those families who have people in quarantine or the members belong to the health sector or the police officials. Why? Just because they fear that they are the ones who are spreading it. Well, for such people out there it should be made aware to them that these people are in this position due to their fates or jobs. People who have gone out of their hometowns have done so for studies or for good job opportunities, they will definitely fly back to their homes once they face a crisis. The health workers, on the other hand, be it doctors, nurses, PHC workers, etc all have put their life on stake to protect us from the virus, give medication for us while we are safely locked up in our homes. So are the police officials and all the forces out there. All of them are running around ensuring security, food, and assistance for those in need by risking their life.

Missions, budgets, and programs are continuously being launched by the government for the sake of citizens. Scientists all over the world are trying to find a vaccination. The government of each state is trying to lower down the cases, contain the virus, and make India a COVID free nation. Well, we know from the present stats of Maharashtra and all other countries of the world, that it’s a dream far ahead!! But, there is nothing wrong with hoping, is it? Our land is of those ancestors who have waged wars against the invaders to protect its freedom. Those were the times of visible intruders.

In our generation we face an invisible enemy. To defeat it, we can’t opt for violence but the need for the hour is social distancing and sanitization. Each of us sitting in our homes have a role to play along with those who are waging the battle outside. The weapons in your hand – Follow quarantine rules, wash your hands properly, disinfect your surroundings, and keep social distancing. We need to stand together in this battle. Not physically but by our hearts -irrespective of the religion, caste, gender, or nation. Together we can fight it and defeat it.

The human population has strived a lot many disasters. World War 1 and 2, Terrible terrorist attacks, several natural disasters, certain nuclear disasters- to cite a few. These COVID days will be talked about in history. Definitely this time will also come to an end, though it will take time. God with the problems has also given us the immense knowledge and capability to handle. He has never put more than what we are capable of tackling. This time will also pass. Till then, let’s pray for the recovery of the sufferers; let’s pray for a vaccination to be found, be it by any country; let’s pray to Almighty to give us courage!!! Surely we will rise above the tides but it will take time since we should be well prepared to tackle it lest it strikes again!!

Anupriya K

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