Life Of Orphans

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Having parents who love and care for us is a blessing in disguise. Parents are like an umbrella who protect their children from all the hardships. But there are also less fortunate children in this world who don’t have parents.  Life of orphans is not at all easy. It is full of uncertainties and adversities.

Not all children living in orphanages lack parents. Some parents abandon their children after giving birth. The reasons could be poverty, physical or mental disabilities.

How do orphans spend their lives?
What are the daily challenges in the life of orphans?
Are orphanages safe havens for orphanages to live?
Even after adoption by a family, do orphans adjust to a family environment?

Read on to find out about the life of orphans:

1) Orphans lack a sense of closeness in relationships

Life in an orphanage changes fast. Children come and go. Caregivers come and go. Orphaned children realize that all relationships are temporary. Nobody is permanent in their lives. People come and go and you might not be able to see or contact them again in life. They lack a sense of closeness in relationships. Orphanages are full of people but still, they tend to feel lonely. Every growing child needs a doting adult from whom they can learn the value of relationships in life.

2)  Orphans are way too independent

Children who have spent most of their lives in orphanages become very independent. They depend on themselves for every work. This is because they had nobody to ask help from. They know that nobody cares for them as parents of other children do. Orphans also face a lack of proper guidance. There is no one to scold them when they do something wrong. Also, orphans do not trust anybody.

3) Orphans might have suffered a different kind of abuse

Many times orphans witness physical hitting and mental abuse. They also have to face sexual abuse by caregivers or other children of the orphanage. Orphanages are usually an illusion of protection. To an outsider, the walls of an orphanage can stand for protection and care. But often, these walls hide despicable acts of violence against children.

Orphans in Zimbawe

4) Feeling neglected is a part of the life of orphans

Orphans lack the individual care and love they deserve. There is no one to spend time with them. Nobody gives them individual attention and support. They face serious delays in emotional and social development. Most orphanages have an unbalanced ratio of poor adult to child ratios. Orphans face minor or serious forms of neglect during their lifetime. The neglect can also lead to undernourishment, malnutrition or stunted growth.

5) Orphans lack family skills

Orphans have great survival skills. They are strong enough to cope-up with every situation. But orphans lack family skills. Even when they become a part of a family, it takes them enough time to be a part of a family in real. They find it difficult to develop strong and long-lasting relationships. Orphans suffer from emotional insecurities. Psychological problems are more prevalent in children brought up in institutional homes.

6) Poor living conditions in child care homes and orphanages

Orphanages receive little support from the government. Thus, many child care homes and orphanages lack basic facilities. Also, there is a lack of well-trained staff to cater to the special needs of orphaned children. Orphaned children are unaware of their rights. Instead of extra love and care, orphanages are ‘ruled’ with fear. Many times children do cleaning, cooking and other chores in orphanages.

Finally, we conclude that the life of orphans is very challenging. All we can do on our part is to give them love and affection that every child deserves.

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