Top 10 Indian Spices Used In Cooking

Top 10 Indian Spices: Food and taste is a special gift to humans. Indian food tastes are one of the most unique when compared to the rest of the world. Indian food tastes didn’t build in this modern era of the 21st century but several centuries before. For Indians, it’s just not the food and the taste in their self styled cooking but there’s something much much more. To every food, we have emotions, tradition and the enrichment of the culture associated with it.

Pulling from these traditions to produce beautiful cooking is an almost spiritual act. Certainly exploring Indian food will greatly expand your cooking store.

Indian food talks about the array of spices used, which are often combined into the complex mixture. Below are the top 10 Indian spices used in Indian cooking.


Turmeric when is talked under the spices, then undoubtedly stands ranks first and most important among Indian spices. When its being discussed with the researchers, it is found with an alarming health benifits.With its anti-carcinogenic property and other rich nutrients gives a healthy reason for Indians to keep in thier houses.

Bright yellow colour and distinct flavour all over India. In earlier days, it was used as a medicinal herb in Ayurveda. It is mostly used in powdered form, though some people use fresh turmeric root and leaves for a specific recipe.


There are two kinds of cardamom used in Indian cooking: green and black. Green, the more common variety, used for everything from the beverage , spice mixes to desserts.

The flavour is sweet, with a mild sensitivity note on the tongue and a sensational taste. Green cardamom usualy blended as whole when making spice mixes, however when using them in sweets or desserts, you would use its black seeds.

Black cardamom, on the other hand, is very strong and smoky. Normally the flavour in comparison of green cardamon is quite bitter. The seeds are generally used. While if used as wholly, then before serving the dish, should be removed as it can be very spicy to bite into.


Small bowl with Cloves on vintage wooden background

Clove again a common spice in an Indian recipe. The strong, almost medicinal flavour of clove comes from the concentration of essential oils. Cloves are kind of flowers, where its oils are drained out before drying and used in cooking. Cloves can be used whole or blended into spice mixes.

4.Black pepper

Black pepper primarily from the Western Ghats and Malabar region. It is arduous to grow, as it depends on many natural cycles, i.e rainfall , proper sunlight ,nutrients which is why prices for fresh pepper vary a lot.

It can be taken on the dishes or can be cooked with other spices.


Cumin is used frequently as a whole with the oil or can be used as a powder with other spices. With its burn to add a distinctive smoky note to Indian dishes. It can be distinguished by its distinct ridged brown seeds and intense redolence.


Coriander. one of the oldest-known spices in the world, and it’s characterized by its golden-yellow colour and gently ridged texture. The seeds are very odorous with distinctive notes. It needs to be dry-roasted until you can start seeing a light golden-brown tinge to the seeds and they start “dancing” and popping in the pan.

7.Mustard seeds

Mustard seeds can be yellow, black, or brown and are used fewer in the Indian kitchen. Still, in some Indian dishes, it plays an important role, i.e while making Fish curry. The flavour of mustard seeds is freed when they are crushed or cooked in oil .

8. Fenugreek

Fenugreek is the spice which gives the dish a very characteristic, e flavour and fragrance. The seeds are yellowish and look like tiny wheat kernels. Fenugreek leaves are mostly dried up so that it can be used for a longer time.

Fenugreek seeds are strongly fragranced and should be used with caution, just like cloves. The leaves are often used with special made curry and a famous Indian recipe Pav Bhaji.

9.Ginger & Garlic

Ginger and garlic uses have been defined all over the world.Any special curry often misses it.The special taste associated for both is soothing the taste buds all around the world.

Mostly it goes with the combination, but for some Indian recipe it can go separately or the one while either are being left.

10. Curry leaves and Indian Bay

Curry leaves with the fragrance is widely known for its uses in South Indian food.Mostly grown in hot climate , it is a very medicinal spices available on the planet.With it medicinal value it also goes with the taste , but has to be used cautiously as too much of it can damage the taste largely.

Cury leaves which are widely used in the South region of India is a special type of leaves which does not only gives the taste but has many medical benefits to it. All south Indian food s are incomplete with these leaves.

Indian bay which is widely used as a whole leaf and usually cooked during the start of the dish and then removed just before serving. Indian bay leaves are cooked with oil and other spices where it’s fried till the leaves get browned slightly, bestowing their flavour into the oil, and into the subsequent ingredients as the dish cooks.

The above are the list of Top 10 Indian Spices Used In Cooking.Still there are many of them which are being used and have a healthier affect on the body like basil , saffron ,mint etc

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