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A Typical Indian Mother

Mother’s love is universal. But when we are talking a typical Indian mother, her love transcends the usual motherly love.

Below are 7 main differences between a normal mother and a typical Indian mother:

1. A normal mother will teach you that “You can change your destiny with your hard work and determination.”But a typical Indian mother thinks that astrologer can change your destiny. He has remedies for every unforeseen problem in your life.

 2. A normal mother will compare your grades with your previous year’s performance. An Indian mother will compare your marks with Sharmaji Ka Beta. That Sharmaji Ka Beta can be anyone among your friends or neighbours.

3. If you are feeling unwell, a normal mom will advise you to go to a doctor or take medicines. For an Indian mom, Buri Nazar (Evil Eye ) is the reason behind your sickness.

4. A normal mother will tell you to do dieting and maintain a healthy weight. But, a typical Indian mother has a pestering habit of overfeeding their kids. Also, saying to their kids every time like ‘’you don’t eat anything’’ or ‘’you have become so slim.’’ She will never let you go on a diet. Also, Indian moms will always keep an extra chapatti in your tiffin box.

5. A normal mother will let you follow your passion and choose a career of your choice. For Indian moms, there are only two careers in this universe- medical and engineering.   

6. A normal mom will allow you to marry someone of your own choice.
An Indian mom will bombard several questions like- ‘’What is his caste’’, ‘’How much does he earn’’ and so on.

7.  When you go through a breakup, a normal mom will pacify you. But an Indian mom will say “I told you that guy/girl is not right for you.”Indian moms are full of drama and undying love.

Below are some of the dialogues of a typical Indian mother:

1. A typical Indian mom has a masterstroke to win any argument- “When you will have kids, you will know.’

2. According to an Indian mom, a smartphone is the biggest enemy of their children. So, here is her another common dialogue- “I will put your smartphone on fire.”

3. You do some mischief. And here is your Indian mom with her threatening dialogue- ‘’Let your father come today.’’

4. Every typical Indian mom has a fear of ‘‘Log Kya Kahengey’’ or ‘‘what will people say?” This is especially in the case if you don’t get married at the right age.

5. Paise toh ped par ugtey hain or does money grow on trees. This is yet another known dialogue of Indian mothers.

6. Your room and wardrobe is a mess and you think that you will clean it up later. Indian mom will come up with her dialogue that ‘’Am I your servant?’ Can’t you keep your things in place yourself?’’

7. Be careful not to break any of that expensive cutlery or else you are in big trouble. She will say ‘‘Go and break everything in this house. Your father is Ambani.’’ Indian moms love their cutlery and other glass stuff a lot.

8. Till the time you don’t get back home safe and sound, your mother is agonising about you. ‘‘Where are you, when are you coming home?’’ This is another statement of our Indian moms.

9. This one is for the Indian daughters. Daughters get to hear from their Indian moms – “If you can’t make round rotis(chapatis), who will marry you?” As if the sole purpose of the girls to be perfect in cooking and other household chores!

10. Indian moms have a habit of keeping an eye on their kids. If you talk for a bit longer on phone, be ready to answer her question- “Who do you always keep talking to on the phone?”

Well, there is nobody like Indian moms. Nobody can match the intensity of her love and affection. From taking care of us when we are sick to make our favourite food daily, she painstakingly raises us.

Cheers to all Indian moms!

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