C#- Programming Guide | Starting Phase Learning(2)

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Before starting off my 1st phase make sure you have Visual Studio or C# online editor tool ready


Phase1: Starting phase (5-7days)

  • Understanding some special terms i.e compiler, Native code etc
  • Writing your first program in visual studio.
  • Knowing about syntax rules and program structure
  • Basic used data types
  • Basic Looping
  • Basic conditional Statement

Let’s get into some theoretical knowledge :

About C#:

  • C# is pronounced “C-Sharp“.
  • It is an OOPs language(Object Oriented Programming Language): Will discuss deeply about it, if you do not know
  • It’s created by Microsoft.
  • It runs on the .NET Framework.
  • C# has roots from the C family, and the language is close to other popular languages like C++ and Java.
  • C# has much changed since its first release in 2002 commonly called as C# 1.0 , was released in September 2019.
  • Currently, the version in the market is C# 8.0

Let’s start with some important term related to C#


A compiler is an inbuilt program that transforms any given code from one programming language to another.In common terms, it transforms source code written in one programming language into another programming language.

As you run any program in the C#,the compiler, it takes your code as an input, does some processing, and then outputs your program in an intermediate language (IL) code which is saved in *.exe or *.dll files.

c sharp

Have you ever wondered what happens to your C# code when it runs on your computer? Probably not, but it’s worth a look.
We all know the computer does understand in the form of bits 0 ,1 , But have you ever dealt with it. Obviously not, this is because we made programs to deal with such complicacy.
Earlier, when computer programming lacks the support of compilers, programmers wrote programs in machine codes (language that the processor could understand). It looked like some address

a1 00 23 4c 54
a1 00 23 4c 53

And if you watch these codes, it doesn’t give easiness to understand right.
As with the above similar writing machine codes, you tell the processor the exact address of the memory location at which to read and write data.
Every command represents a number, and that’s complicated enough.
To avoid such complexity, some great people started to invent programs within programs on a higher level than the raw code(machine code).

Coming to the C# they wrote the program which converts C# code to native code: This is the work of C# Compiler.

In c# there are two compilers:

Compile Time:C# Compiler – This converts your written code to Intermediate level code .
Run Time: Just In Time Compiler – This Converts Intermediate Level Code to Native Code

**More detailed knowledge about Compilers will be released in the(Professional phase )cycle for C# Learning.

C#- Programming Guide | Beginner Phase Learning(3)

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