Different Stones Used To Design Your Room

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Different Stones Used To Design Your Room:It is not easy to use stone in interior designing but it is an interesting and original material. The most important thing to keep in your mind is to make sure its features are applicable to your situation. Some stones absorb water and some are fragile and few cannot be polished or cut in pieces.



Marble comes in the most elegant floor decision. It is the most luxurious option because of its rare pattern. It gives the touch of prosperity and value to your room. Marble is extremely durable, scratch-free and also does not age quickly. 


It is difficult to insert marble flooring and very expensive and time-consuming as well. One cannot insert marble correctly without skill techniques. Chemical grit,sand damaged marble surface. It Requires skill professionals to keep marble flooring in good condition.





Fieldstone is very effective as an ancient wall.  It makes the room look warm and used in the facade of a home or as a retaining wall. Fieldstone is available in different sizes and shapes from Balki to flat slab bricks.






As we know brick is the oldest manufacturing building material. It is very cheap, durable, strong and easy to clean. Brick can be found in different colours and textures. They are fireproof, slip-resistant and also do not show any wear and tear for many years. 


The only disadvantage of break is that they are rough and uneven as compared to wood or tile floors. Brick flooring is popular for outdoor areas such as garden squares and reads.




Limestone creates a timeless classic look. It is made up of skeletal fragments of marine organisms like Coral and mollusc. It is used by many interior designers because of its versatility. Limestone is a natural stone. It comes in a variety of natural-looking colours. 

Pure Limestone is white in colour and it consists of few pore spaces with high density which helps to produce it in a range of different finishes such as gold, black, pink,  red and Green.




Quartzite is a type of metamorphic rock which is made from pure quartz sandstone by heating and applying pressure.

 It is very hard and consists of more resistance to staining as compared to granite. Due to which it is highly-priced for use as kitchen countertops, but it is very expensive because there are no other deposits suitable for use in this way.It is also used as wall, floor tiles, stairs, railway ballast and to produce industrial silica sand.




Slate is a type of fine grained metamorphic rock which is made when shale a sedimentary rock is subjected to high pressure. It is very strong and has good weather resistance and also a low water absorber. It is easily separable into sheets and is internally used as floor tile hurts and kitchen worktops.




The great thing about natural stone is that they are budget-friendly and are affordable for everyone. For saving cost on natural stone try to reach out to native stone yards besides going to a manufacturer or a store. You can combine small and big, dark and light colour stones to create a catchy and different effect.


You can also use mood lighting with stone walls to create a cave-like look. Wood is an aesthetic material used with wall stones. Just place stones in water bodies like ponds, aquariums or mountains to create a natural water body like the look.

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