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Life is temporary, Death is Permanent

Life is temporary, Death is Permanent

The word death brings a negative chord in the mind of any person. It connects pain, sadness, loss, broken dreams and many other emotions. This word reminds us of the loved ones we have lost. It is loathed by all for the sadness it brings. People are afraid of dying and that is why we have doctors to help extend our life; to fool Yama raj, Azrael, Osiris, Whiro, Sidapa – whatever be the name you decide to address the ‘GOD OF DEATH’.

“The funny thing about facing imminent death is that it really snaps everything else into perspective”
-James Patterson

Life is temporaryary

The Merchant of Death

Death torments us when saved by the nick of time, it could make humans change their perspective. It could make us think about our actions, our words, our needs; our whole life. This could be supported by the life story of a well-remembered scientist, who had an experience in 1888. The scientist’s brother had passed away, and thanks to the bad journalism of those times his brother’s death were misinterpreted as the scientist’s. They gave out an obituary in honour of this person, well not so honourable one though. The obituary stated him as “The Merchant of Death”; a person who paved the way to the death of thousands of humans in a short span of time. He was being criticized for his destructive invention. This incident shattered him.

It taught him 2 things – one, people will definitely remember him after his death; two, but this wasn’t the way he wanted to be remembered. From that day onwards he gave all his earnings to charities. He had already made a huge fortune from his invention, when he signed his will, he wanted his fortune to be given away as ‘prizes’ to those people who excel in the fields of peace, medicine, physics, chemistry, and literature. This man was none other than Sir Alfred Nobel, who invented the dynamite and the awards are Nobel Prize awards. Relatively few people know how he made the fortune, but they do remember him as a man who encourages people and supports them. Such rare opportunities of encountering death, reading your obituary come rarely, so it becomes mandatory that we learn from these experiences and think of our life.

Alfred Nobel

“akriritim capi bhulani
kathayisyanti te’vyayam
sambhavitasya cakiirtir
maranad atiricyate”
-Gita [2:34]

Translation of this is that
“People will always speak of your infamy and for one who has been honoured, dishonour is worse than death.”

Life is full of choices

Lord Krishna says this to Arjuna when he refuses to battle. He tells Arjuna that he could refuse to fight and save his life but people will remember him as a coward who gave up the fight without even trying…. the better option is definitely dying in the battle. Life is full of choices. Just because something seems dangerous, we should never stop trying. Giving up without trying is cowardness, at such a point you die internally. That is why famous people advise us to follow our hearts, to give a shot to whatever seems impossible- so that we don’t die twice!!! Who knows what lies ahead?

When death tightens its hold around us, we think of all the ways we could have lived. We think of all the leftover actions, all the unsaid words, the love unspoken, the forgiveness not given…. but it might be too late for all of this!!!!! Quoting Allah on this context :

“Until when death comes to one of them, he says, ‘My Lord, send me back. So that I may do good in that which I left behind.’ No. It’s but a word that he speaks and behind them is a barrier until the day when they will be resurrected.”
-Quran [23:99-100]

Every coin has two sides, death makes the second side of life. It’s a bitter truth because it is sure to happen. While we live, we should not bother about the days we live, but of the things that we will leave behind if we go suddenly. Life has to end at a point, that doesn’t mean we have to talk about it always. But to think about the way it has to end- on a plain note or on a note where people yearn for more of us!!! Follow a simple rule in life – If you take life seriously then take death also in a serious manner: but if you live in the moment don’t spoil it by thinking of something which is sure to happen. Think of your actions, your words at that moment!!!

Life is a book of 3 pages

A famous saying goes, ‘Life is a book of 3 pages- 1st page is birth, 3rd page is death and the centre page is empty– It is up to you how beautiful you make the page to read.’ While living, let’s live every day to its fullest. We don’t have control on our first and last chapter, but we definitely decide the centre portion!! Let’s make it one which could make people crave for more. Let’s spread more happiness than miseries. Let’s be the candle and remove darkness from other peoples lives. Let’s live properly so that when death knocks at our door suddenly, we don’t regrettable to do better. Let’s take death in a positive manner….and as J.K.Rowling has said,

“To a well-organized mind, death is but a next great adventure.”

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