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Jokes to laugh -1( 2 friends)

Two friends were walking on the streets, The road was quite busy with the people and the street dogs. And then suddenly one of the friend stops and bent down and tried to collect something from the ground. And then they continued walking. At this point, the second friend sees he is murmuring to himself something. Then he asked the reason behind his murmuring and what he collected from the streets. At this, he shouted some fu***** person spits as like a penny is lying on the ground 🙂

Jokes to laugh -2( Love marriage)

A married man attended an event. A deep-going discussion was going in the events about the Love and Arrange marriage. The event was going quite cheerful when some group of ladies came to this married man and asked to tell some difference between an arranged marriage and love marriage. On hearing the words of them, he gasped and thought for a while and uttered.
Arrange marriage: This is something like a person on someone’s request walks into the jungle and then suddenly a distressed snake appears and bites him.
Love marriage: This is like a delighted person merrily goes into the jungle and then a lazy snake appears and as he sees the snake he starts dancing, singing and playing the flute, i.e Been(pungi) in front of the snake and finally, the snake bites him. 🙂

Jokes to laugh
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Jokes to laugh -3( Actors)

Rajnikant, Trump and Jinping go for the interview where they are being asked certain questions..
Question1. What is the minimum light required for you to study in a dark room?
Trump: I can study in as minimum as a 10 watt LED bulb specially designed in the USA.
Jinping(China President): I can study in as minimum as a 0 watt LED bulb, specially designed in China
Rajnikant :(After thinking for a while), I can study with a single piece of agarbatti i.e incense sticks 🙂

Jokes to laugh -4( Actors)

Question asked to some of the celebrities around the world:

What is the fastest thing in the world?
Ranbir Kapoor (Bollywood actor): Changing of my girlfriend.
Sonam Kapoor (Bollywood actoress): My dresses
Trump (US President(2020): My innocence and negligence
Cristiano Ronaldo (Portuguese footballer ): Falling on the ground in any important match

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