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Non-Omnia Possumus Omnes -We Can’t Do Everything

Non-Omnia possumus Omnes…

In our life, how many times have we tried to compare our abilities with others?

Was the result satisfactory? Never right? And that’s where the title of this article comes, the words of Virgil -Yes, it’s true. Everyone is not capable of doing everything. Everyone is different. Be it in their appearance, character, knowledge level and many other criteria. This is the reason why life is beautiful. If everything has been identical how boring life could have been… Oh! It’s scary to even think of such a situation.

Nature itself is a great example where everyone or everything or every moment is unique. We might have the same effect, action or scenery but at some point, it will be different. No 2 reactions are the same in chemistry, though their products may be the same. No 2 species in biology are the same, though they belong to the same class. No 2 engines work for the same machine, though they follow the same principle of physics. No 2 mathematical operations are the same, though the same final answer is obtained. Then how come we humans who are made up of the combinations of biology, physics and chemistry come out identical? It could never be. We have identical or Siamese twins, but even they differ some way or other.

Non-Omnia possumus Omnes

Medical treatments in themselves are a testimony to the fact. No 2 individuals could have the same dose of medication. Their problems through classified under the same category, they are never given the same dose of medicine. Though we have such open examples in front of us, we hardly care. Still, we race for becoming like someone. Nature constantly tells us we are meant for a purpose which can’t be fulfilled by someone else. Not supposed to do everything, we are capable of at least something-we just need to figure it out.

“We cannot think of being acceptable to others until we have first proven acceptable to ourselves.”

-Malcolm X

How could you justify that ..

There are people who would provide the argument that people still perform similar actions, how could you justify that? To them a single word –OBSERVE. Some do things naturally, others acquire the trait. Some learn fast, some are slow. Some achieve it in their teens, some in their old age. Thus we all are different. That is why teams are considered better than an individual-since what we achieve as a team, may not be so successful as an individual. Our unique abilities merge to give way for our combined success. This can be expressed very beautifully by the words of Mother Teresa,

I can do things, you cannot; you can do things, I cannot;
together we can do great things. “

Whatever our actions are, it should be always done at the right time and situation. Everyone is not perfect in this matter. Some lose the track. With time, we need to understand our surroundings and people and know how to act. This is one of the things in the checklist of our success. If big things can’t be managed, then at least do the small things perfectly. Everyone one of us has a role to play. All are not meant for the big roles alone, some have to do the small ones.

“All the world’s a stage
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,.. ‘

Shakespeare and his wonderful words ….

Shakespeare and his wonderful words in ” As you like it” spoken by Jacques as a monologue beautifully denotes the fact that life is a big play, and every small incident are just scenarios. We have multiple roles; sometimes big sometimes small. But every role is important for a flawless play to happen. We can’t be same in our achievements, but the effort can be the same. You don’t have to compare yourself to anyone – Because you are you. It’s a fact. Just do the part you are given, utilize every opportunity. Your friend might be successful in a particular area, it’s not necessary you shine there. Find yours. Remember every star has its own shine. It never shares a spot with others. It makes a space for itself.

“To be a star
You must
Shine your own light
Follow your own path
And don’t worry
About the darkness
Coz that’s when
the stars shine
the brightest. “


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Anupriya K

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