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Quotes on love: trust me not at all or all in all (Part 2 )

Continued on Quotes on Love..

‘No one can make you feel inferior without your consent’

Eleanor Roosevelt has well experienced this in her life and so she profoundly states in layman words that -What you think of yourself no-one else defines it. If you believe, you could be trusted, then people will see you as someone who can be trusted. If you see yourself as a quack, then sorry to say,

In modern days, TRUST has become a highly driving factor of society since many of the formal or informal relations are based on social networks or commonly known as ‘long-distance relations’. Business or work relations can easily be checked for authenticity through many available sources and taking proper precautions. The newer generation has experienced more examples of this long-distance relationship which sometimes turns out bitter. People, nowadays are keener to be benefitted materialistically. Once they feel it’s not achieved, they feel insecure and then put a stop to that relation. Be it business or love; formal or informal relation, all demands mutual trust. Only then it will prosper. For business or formal, we have checkouts – how the client is doing? What are his statistics? What amount of work is he doing to increase the productivity of the office?. etc.

Informal ones can also be checked out in those short calls or messages, which are enough to tell the people that though they are not near to us but they still think of us and do care for us. The expression of this differs from person to person, but the person on the other end should be well aware of this and not compare with others. Trust the vibes that you get because it’s said that ‘ Coming events cast their shadows before’.

To trust requires courage. It’s not meant for those with weak hearts. Because when you trust, you bare your life slowly in front of the other person. Though sometimes everything goes wrong and you are doomed! The whole world seems to be falling down and you wouldn’t find a guiding light but can witness those thousands of barmy comments. But then it’s you who have to stand up on your feet and find the light and ponder of what to do the next because as said by John Dryden,

‘None but the braver deserves the fair’

Quotes on love

We could see around us people who trust and love unconditionally. Though they get shattered once, they don’t change. Even after lots of our mistakes, they trust us wholeheartedly though they maybe knowing that we are doing blunders but still when they catch us red-handed they scold us, put restrictions, or forgive us. This doesn’t mean they are fools but to understand that such people love immensely and don’t want relations to be broken down easily. Not in the areas of business or formal relations, because once there the trust is broken for an indecent reason, it’s broken forever. You probably never get a second chance.

There are people who have lost their trusting capabilities. They are afraid of the simple word because of many bad experiences. For such people, it becomes difficult to live in the society with a peaceful mind. But the power of love and trust is quite strong to recover them as if they still get a good hand of trust, which they initially didn’t get, they can slowly transform by seeing the genuineness. And then the whole of society could be put at ease gradually. It’s just simple as the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr,

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. “

Knowing to love isn’t the only requirement of human survival. Trusting the other person is equally important. The five-letter word ‘TRUSThas immense power, if proper it could prove as a strength of humanity and the most powerful weapon against evilness. Being able to be a person who can be trusted, stands out to be one of the most important value one should inculcate in his or her life. Remember it takes time to gain trust but only a second to lose it. Let me shed a last piece of advice through the words of Gerald Morris,

“There’s never a reason to trust someone. If there’s a reason, then it’s not trust.”

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