Rain rain come again, let me play once again

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RAIN  – what are the memories it makes you recall? Today let’s recall all of them.

For me it brings a lots of memories like smelling those pleasant fragrance of soil when the first rain kisses the crust after a too long dry spell, racing of  paper boat with my colleagues in my childhood, tea or coffee with snacks with my families, taking shelter under my friends umbrella covering 75% of myself (that was selfish), dancing with my mates at the rhythm of the falling rains and letting all my worries washed away ,seeing those overcrowded umbrellas at my school gate and  many more .

AAAAH!!!! Did I made you remember some of your own memories?

I guess, “Yes”, in today’s fast pace of time we all are running towards a race to become an earning machine. Today for a moment just take a small halt and, let’s do some more madness and why can’t we , as its inevitable that we have one life.

We sing and dance through life without taking a step back to marvel at the dance itself. So I just say you that everything will fade away by the passing time whether it may be the after effect of rain, miseries or your ecstatic frenzy mood. Then why are we struggling to survive every minute in our life? Instead why don’t we enjoy each and every second of it. Today let’s take an oath as like me to love ourselves, spread love to others, and do everything which we have always intended or admired to do without waiting for that “someday” to appear. 

Don’t live just because you are living, live the way you love to live. After all it’s your life.

Next time it rains let’s not find shelter to save ourselves instead let’s step into it and feel each falling drop of it.

Next time it rains let’s not shut all are curtains instead let’s take a small break from our busy schedule and enjoy the music of rain with a cup of tea or coffee,

Next time it rains let’s hold your loved ones close to your heart,

Next time it rains let’s make paper boats and put all your worries in that boat and let it sail.  

Next time it rains, share your experience what you did ?

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