Soft Lives Ware Part (1)

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Life of a person in this world, a walnut where we as like a nut get covered with those wild atmosphere of compassion ,anxiety , struggle, love, commitment and a number of emotions.

Software engineer lives

  Today the world calls me as a Software Engineer .It’s the very name, I was longing while completion of my Intermediate. But today after spending some months in my profession   I call myself as “SOF-LIVES-WARE” Engineer ,as now I realize that my life has been travelling in between those programming codes. 

           10 O’Clock, a working day in the office. My eyes close to the PC screen, hands resting on my desk. Fingers waiting for the decision of my mind to what key I need to press or to which side I have to pull the cursor. The mind in the admiration of client is in the dreams of programming world so as to complete my client tasks. 

“Hey..! developer”, What’s going on?. Frankly the word “developer” give a  very soothing effect ,I feel proud and if that saying voices would have been of my colleague then  I would like to pull those saying hands , give him a hug and throw those joyful words “CLUB on the weekends with that adorable face to whom you want to date”.

“Task ?” The word “Task” is what I hear every now and then. Till the time I complete, a cute disheartened smile 🙂 can be always been seen on my face.

           So these are the some of the playbacks happening of my lives, will post more of my stories/articles/comics/and other interesting facts in my next article of SoftLivesWare. Thank You.

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