Suicide : Permanent Solution to A Temporary Problem

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Suicide: Permanent Solution to A Temporary Problem:When we find a message .“To my dear parents, I have taken this step as I have decided to quit. Quit my life….. “

This is how a classic suicidal note may appear. Depending on the situations, the notes differ. In certain cases, we are unfortunate even to deserve this note. This is a very sensitive content to talk about, but with the incidents on the rise it puts everyone out there to think-what has gone wrong? Why have these cases increased? Why is it so frequent? 

In my opinion, this problem has always been there. People committing suicide for lame or grave issues. Does anyone count how many farmers put their lives to rest due to the case of debt? We simply add it to a heaping pile of suicide cases. Politicians pick it up, make a ruckus, win the elections, and the whole cycle repeats. There we blame the government for the suicides.

What about others? We all may be connected with at least one of the suicides that have taken in this society, which may not have received media attention. There whom do we blame? Family? Friends? Society? Before seeing whom to blame it’s important to understand the why part. Why do they do this? We know a lot of psychological studies have taken place. Theories put forward. Treatments prescribed out. Still… It doesn’t stop. It could be due to the primary theory put forward runs in the family. Keeping that aside, the other reasons are simple to be solved. Love failures, debts, depression, failure in exams, parental or societal pressure, etc. Every problem could be solved if people care a little. 

“One hears only those questions for which one can find answers. “
-Friedrich Nietzsche

Yes, we get the questions as problems and the answers we always have in our hands. We just overlook them. Even our holy books tell us that every problem has a solution. You’ll get only what you can handle. Unable to understand our capacity leads us to take a permanent step for temporary chaos!! 


We come to this world alone, we will leave this world on our own. But when we walk on the paths of life, we are accompanied by people and moments. We have dreams, ambitions to propel us. We are interdependent, nobody could deny this. Knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally we become a part of someone’s life.

When I say a company, being social, there will be a group of people who say that I have friends, family, relatives, colleagues.. etc. But do you share the equation with them? Physically you can be in someone’s life but mentally are you? People who committee mostly lack interactions. Even worse, they may even lack the physical connections. The majority of the issues that lead them to take the big step could be avoided if they communicate. They should be given a reason, a purpose to live. Some find it, but others have to be taken on that path. 

Who has to do this? Well, the relations-family, friends, society, etc…. We should be aware of the people around us. We shouldn’t be selfish about our life alone. Reach out to others. Your one word, one smile, one action can lead to a great change in a person. 

“If someone listens, or stretches out a hand, or whispers a word of encouragement, or attempts to understand a lonely person, extraordinary things happen”
Loretta Grizartis

It never means that people should interfere in others’ lives, unnecessarily. No, texting or calling always or meeting a person randomly every time never helps. But the small acts could be bliss in someone’s life if done accurately. 

Being a person living in this world, let’s realize one thing-our word and actions are capable of taking a life or even saving it. It depends on how, where, and why we use them. That’s why it’s taught to us from our younger ages that “Arrow from a bow and words from a mouth could never be taken back. ” Always use them wisely. Everyone comes in this world for a purpose. Everything happens in our life for a purpose. Realizing this, make yours as well as other’s life a beautiful one. If you can’t beautify it, you have no right to spoil it too. 

Depressed people or those who are planning to take any step, a plain question -To read this article, you have taken an effort. You’ve lived up to this time. You have been suffering this pain. You have come a long way. Can’t you wait a little longer? What if-tomorrow when the sun rises or the very next hour or even the second you finish reading this article your problem come to an end? You get a life of your dreams, then? After enduring this much, giving at the last moment is foolish. It’s said “Winners never quit and quitters never win. “

Before taking a big step as of suicide, reach out. It could be either relations or even doctors. Someone will help you out. Try yourself to keep you in a positive sphere always. Hold On Pain Enda simple expansion of very strong emotion, HOPE. Have it, it’ll work wonders. You alone are capable of thwarting the problems, along with a little support. Remember the words of Albert Camus 

“But in the end, one needs more courage to live than to kill himself”.

Now decide, whether you are courageous enough to fight head-on with life and enjoy it, or will you like people to remember you as a coward, who gave up too easily???? 

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