Ganesh Chaturthi

5 Special Sweets On The Occasion Of Ganesh Chaturthi

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It’s Ganpati Ji’s time. Yes! Ganesh Chaturthi is almost here Ganpati is coming and this time for 10 days.

A festival loved by the people of all ages. Every year the ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’ festival do arrive. As it arrives love, prosperity and sweetness come in the life of humans. Kids who are quite fond of this festival as they get a variety of sweets to eat at this festival. The mouth-watering sweets are too likeable among all the ages. In this pandemic year i.e 2020 Ganesh Chaturthi is starting from the 22nd of August. Everyone is really enthusiastic about it. But the question arises here is, “Will we able to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi like every year?”

We all are aware of the current situation and so its time to help the poor and the starving animals, remain united and have faith in Lord Ganesha. And we perceive that if we pass the small test by him. We wish that the arrival of Ganesh Chaturthi brings an end to this pandemic(i.e vaccination).

The article today will discuss about the 5 Special Sweets On The Occasion Of Ganesh Chaturthi.


Also called gujiya in Hindi, a delicious dessert or sweet prepared in Ganesh Chaturthi and on Diwali too. The cuisine has subtle variety and strong flavours and varies from region to region. Baked Karanji is a healthy version of our regular gujia. Instead of deep-frying this snack, you can bake it simply in the oven. It is a simple recipe that you can make in minutes and since it has a long shelf life, you can also store it and enjoy it with others at this festival.

2. Modak

 Modak has always been known for the favourite food of Lord Ganesha and children are very fond of this. Sweet flour dumplings filled with coconut, jaggery, nutmeg and saffron. Steamed to a level of sweetness to perfection. A famous Indian dessert consumed tremendously during the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. The steamed Modak is mostly eaten hot with ghee across different parts of India with love and joy.

3. Coconut Laddu

Also called nariyal ka Laddu soft delighted Laddu. These delicate white laddoos have the perfectly nutty scent of roasted coconut. While you will approve that the highlight of this sweet is how syrupy and tasty they are in every bite, we advise that you can make the experience even better by getting your kids in the kitchen to help roll laddoos of all shapes and sizes with the cooled mixture on this festive occasion.

4. Motichoor Laddu

 Motichoor Ladoos is An exotic Indian dessert served across occasions and festivals of India and how come we can forget it when it’s the festival of Lord Ganesha. They are prepared out of besan boondi balls fried in oil and soaked in a syrup of sugar with a slice of nuts. These are then shaped into delicious sweet and round Laddu‘s. Motichoor laddus are savoured across the places of the country in different sizes, colours and compositions.

5.  Puffed Rice Ladoo

Puffed rice Laddu also is known as Murmura Ladoo are Crispy and Crunchy Laddu made with puffed rice also known as murra different names across India and molten jaggery. Though puffed rice is really nutritionally rich. Ladoos made of puffed rice is quite filling and are among one of the best-loved sweet treats of the country among children and elders too and especially in the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, it is high on demand.

Thanks for reading the article and hope that you have the most felicitous Ganesh Chaturthi this pandemic year. Enjoy the occasion and share sweetness not only with sweets but giving your precious time to your family, friends, relatives, needy ones and your country. May Lord Ganpati brings peace and prosperity in your family.

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