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A dying dog in my neighbourhood – Part(2)

Continuing of the story a dying dog…( a dying dog leaves everyone emotionless and heartless. )…….. I was so pained and overwhelmed by the situation that I hastily rushed towards my main gate and asked my father to have a look for that sound……

With the initial probe from me and my father, we learned that the unpleasant note of sound was coming from a shadowy place concealed inside the bushes and small trees. I raised an alarm for my neighbours but rarely anyone showed interest. Finally, after repeated calling, one of my neighbours came out of his home. On investigating with him he gives us a knowledge of a pale street dog who was loitering hither and thither in the evening and now it got settled in those bushes. After knowing the story, I squealed on them about why after comprehending the painful condition of the dog why you didn’t bother to give little food to the dog.

Dying dog

I immediately with my father took a torch and a stick (to guard me against any snake and other animals ) rushed towards the origin of the painful sound. The ground was too wet and muddy henceforth it was difficult to walk, still, somehow we managed to reach the spot. As soon we reached my heart moved on, with the emotional real picture of a sobbing dog over there. The sight was even more perturbing than what my mind has imagined.I could see a pale and sick dog was lying on a cardboard-like object inside the thick bushes, with not a strength even to bark or react to our sound and call.

But on seeing us, the dog appeared as if it has been relieved from all its pain. It started staring at us with one of the eyes facing towards us. The dog with his tender eyes has many things to say but was too vulnerable to show any response physically. The dog eyes were fully covered with tears, and it looked too feeble and skinny. We could hardly see any hairs on his body. Anyone can make out that it hasn’t eaten for months. The visuals were too horrific and painful. I understood it was the last night for the dog but still I rushed to my laptop and started searching for medication and animal welfare contact details but every try of mine ended in vain.

Finally, I took milk and bread to offer the dog in the last minute of his life. And again as I approached the dog it stopped yelling. I offered the dog with all the things and a painkiller inside the bread. But the dog didn’t had any strength left to even rise and eat the food. But still for the time I watched and called up the dog but the result was no different. Finally, I moved out from there as already the clock struck 10.

Coming to my home I was so moved that tears continuously rolled up from my eyes till the time I didn’t sleep. Meanwhile, I also prayed to at least give the dog an easy death rather than the painful night. And then after an hour, those sounds were never heard. I can make out in another 15 minutes that the dog died and I can do nothing but to pray for his soul to rest in peace.

I could not sleep the whole night and then the next morning I went on to see the dog, and to my astonishment, the dog was not there. It’s quite puzzling that the dog with no sign was never found.

This was the painful and emotional incident happened in my life, which could never be forgotten.But that one question still stays with me, that is whether the dog died and the people removed it before the sunrise or it left from the place after having the milk and bread /

With everything, one thing is so clear that the world is full of emotionless , ,heartless and selfish people

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