Master The Art Of Mumbai Pav Bhaji Masala With These 3 Tips


Time, its tenoclock and you are still hunting for breakfast or dinner?
Is your mouth hunting for a famous recipe in India i.e spicy-buttery Pav Bhaji Masala. Then why to search the place, let’s prepare it out today.

Today I bring out before you, how to cook a famous recipe of Mumbai,i.e PavBhaji Masala.

Let’s get set then,
Before starting out, let me list out the items required to prepare Pav Bhaji Masala. (I am providing the English and Hindi name for the stuff needed).
To serve 3 (18 pavs):

Mumbai Pav Bhaji Masala


  1. Pav: 18 pieces (3 pkts)
  2. Butter : 1packet
  3. Cumin: Jeera
  4. PavBhaji Masala -Pav bhaji Everest masala
  5. Tomato – tamatar
  6. Carrot – gazar
  7. Potato-aalu
  8. Fresh Peas- matar
  9. Salt – namak
  10. Beet Root-Chukandar
  11. Onions- Pyaaz
  12. Capsicum-Shimla Mirch
  13. Kashmiri Chilli powder -Everest ka kashmiri mirch powder
  14. Sun-dried fenugreek* leaves -Kasuri methi
  15. Fresh Coriander leaves-Dhaniya Patta
  16. Ginger-Garlic paste
  17. Garlic
  18. Lemon

Let’s start the process now.
This will take almost half an hour to get prepared. Mostly it takes time while cutting off the vegetables.
So I suggest you get a good knife and take the help of anyone who is around to make it a little faster(Cutting part).

How to cut and how many to cut?

  • Serves 3 people (18 pavs)
  • Onions -(4-5 medium-sized): cut in small pieces
  • Tomato – (3 medium-sized): cut in small pieces
  • Carrot – (2 medium-sized) : cut in small/medium pieces
  • Beetroot -(1 small sized): cut in small pieces
  • Fresh Coriander leaves -(100gm-150gm) – cut in small pieces
  • Garlic -(1) -cut in small/medium pieces
  • Lemon -(2) – 2 halves
  • Capsicum-(2 medium-sized): cut in small pieces
  • Peas -(1 small bowl)

I have divided the preparation into 3 parts:
1.Diluting/Making soup of the vegetables in cooker
2.Frying of the made soup with other vegetables and masala
3. Cooking, Serving and displaying of Pav

Let’s start with the first one(considering spoon to be of medium-sized):

1.Diluting/Making soup of the vegetables in cooker

a. Take the cooker and then put it on your gas stove. Put the gas on a medium flame for around 20 -30 secs so that if there’s any water then it evaporates.

b.Put 5 spoons of oil (any vegetable oil, refined oil, mustard oil will do), and then 1 spoon of cumin(jeera) in the cooker. Immediately add 1 spoon of pav bhaji masala and then add tomato pieces in the cooker. Adding tomatoes should be immediate.

c.Now cook the above-made mixtures and stir it continuously in a high flame with any of the bigger spoon or stirring utensils for the next 1 minute. Now add carrots, potatoes, beetroots, peas and 1 spoon of salt into the cooker and then cook again for another 4-5 minutes(stir it after every 30 seconds in medium flame).

d.Now add a half-liter of water to the mixture in the cooker and close the cooker lid. Leave it for a while (around 15 mins in a medium flame). Wait for 4-5 cooker whistles/blare. Ensure before opening the lid that it’s easy getting mashed.

2. Frying of the made soup with other vegetables and masala

a. While the cooker is left on the stove, take a bigger frying pan (kadhai). If you have a spherical shape, then take that pan as its easier and finer to fry in the round spherical pan. Now place your pan on the stove, add 1 spoon of oil (vegetable, sunflower ) and 3-4 spoons of butter in the pan.

b.Add garlic, capsicum and then later after 20 seconds of time add onions in the pan. Wait till the onion colors go pink. Do not make it red or black :). Mix 2 spoons of PavBhaji masala,1-2 spoons of salt(salt should be your choice if you eat more salt you can add more or less), 1 spoon of Kashmiri chilly powder,2 spoons of Kasuri methi,50 gms of coriander leaves (a handful of leaves ), 2 spoons of ginger garlic paste, half spoon of vegetable color(just to bring the color).Cook for another few minutes.

c.Take a mixture of soup from the cooker. Ensure the vegetables inside the cooker has got soften. Mash the vegetables in the cooker.

d.Check the mixture in the pan is cooked or not, after ensuring, add the soup contained in the cooker to the pan. Add a half lemon to the mixture and then cook for another few minutes. Add water if needed, as it should be little watery(more gravy, should not be thick one).
e.Check the salt and water. I hope it’s ready.

**You can avoid garlic piece, beetroot, peas, color

3. Cooking, Serving and displaying of Pav

a. Cut all the pavs from the middle.
b.Now place your Chapati Tawa or any frying pan on the stove.
c.Add butter on the Tawa after then immediately add few leaves of coriander and 2 spoons of bhaji onto it. Take your Pav and then keep it on the pan. The position of the Pav should be such that the place from where the pav has been cut should be lying flattened on the pan so that the gravy sticks on the surface area of the pav.
d.Now add little more butter and join the two halves from where it has been cut and then bake it again on the pan for the next few seconds.
e.It’s done, now garnish the delicious pav bhaji with your own toppings.

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Now Enjoy The Famous Mumbai Pav Bhaji Masala. Thank you!

**Comment below to add your stories here while making pav bhaji masala.

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