An apology mail to survive the broken relationship

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An apology mail: What to write to survive the broken relationship..?
Life never goes linearly as we hope for.
It’s so wild and delicate. Even though after taking good care of the happenings in our life, it still fails to give all-time happiness. Its also said by Abraham Lincoln.

“Every man’s happiness is his own responsibility.”
Abraham Lincoln

Life teaches us as we grow and then we come across different relationships over the period of time. And in those moments we come across to a very special one and then with the time we build a strong bond and as the connection goes stronger we hope to make it always go correct, but sometimes we do fail and we try anyhow to fix it.though its quite difficult as once it’s broken it’s quite difficult to fix.To get into more depth you can follow the below link to know the difference between apology and excuse.

Apology and excuse are two different words which should never be muffled.

Today here I show you my an apology mail which I wrote to revive up my broken relationship. Saying sorry to the ones who are so close and lovable to you love is never easy because there’s so much at stake. So I was panicked, frightened with no sense of humour left inside me. And then I chose to apologise by mail.

The mail goes…

Dear Love
Dear Adorable
Dear Honey

An apology mail
An apology mail

Today, I feel really bad and nasty, when I start thinking about the way I hurt you. It makes me really sad and dejected. I know I was wrong and I’ve caused a healthy pain, which you never had expected from me and it is normal to feel disappointed with my behavior.

Each time I remember you, I think that you’re the best thing that happened to me. I acted selfishly and the damage was done, creating havoc in both’s life. In these moments I’ve discerned how much you mean to me and so, I want you to forgive me and then to equally penalize me.

Though the people can see my smiling face it’s filled with sadness and emptiness. 

Today just sorry’s not enough because I have already screwed up the situations but still with the whole of my strength, I put up my last attempt to make out the things.

Baby, it was like the worst nightmare for me when you said that we are never going to talk. I accept that I broke your heart and I am sure that I can never fill this broken gap but still a ray of hope is somewhere inside my heart. I doubt that with the stretching of the mail you would be carried by the emotions, as that gentleness was broken with my ungratifying and, impolite acts.

I am very sorry for the things I did and I would be eagerly waiting to have your forgiveness. I know that you love me and it should be my prime duty to protect your tears and give you extravagant happiness. I am void and empty. Because to me, you weren’t just a single person, but a wholesome person who had ever left or betrayed me. You make me always feel that I have everything and everyone around me and to my blunder, I never realized until you chased me away from your life.

Lastly once I again apologize before you.
I with my heart out say sorry for all the hurt I’ve caused you and I fully regret the things. SORRRRRRYYYYYY

And lastly. With my honest heart
Punish me when I do wrong
Hug me when you miss me
Hold me when you fear
Kiss me when u want
Love me if u r happy
Touch me if you feel
Slap me if u think so
And hopefully,
Kill me if I betray

Always Yours,

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