Time needed to learn Jquery

Jquery, it’s time to master, but how much?

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If you are familiar with JavaScript then it doesn’t take long to grasp jquery. To understand how it works you just need to be playful with jquery. After mastering in jquery,I with my experience have categorized the different level of jquery and the time it will take for the following to achieve it. .
1.Basic :It will just take few hours
2.Understanding : It will take few days i.e (2-5) depends on you
3.Average: It will take some more days i.e(5-7) depending on your sincerity and interest .
4.Expertise: It will take a bit longer i.e (15-30 days)

Similarly if you aren’t familiar with JavaScript then it will take a bit longer to grasp jquery. To understand how it works you have to understand basic looping (i.e for) , conditional statements(i.e if -else) , constant , variables , sessions , storage etc.Again I have categorized the following rank based on the view that you know any one of the programming language:
1.Basic:It will just take few days (3-5)days
2.Understanding: It will take few days i.e (7-10) depends on you
3.Average: It will take some more days i.e(10-15) depending on your sincerity and interest
4.Expertise: it will take around a month

So you can categorize yourself with the below information:

1. Basic:(Beginner- level):

This level means, you are familiar with Jquery CDN,
The script tags,
Doucument ready , load function,
Selecting class , id , events , creating functions etc.
You are be able to understand the code and difference between the same like events like keypress , keydown, keyup ,bind , live , click etc

2. Understanding:

Here, you should be able to understand the different libraries and the prewritten codes inside it.As it will help you to customize later like DataTable , calendar , date picker, charts etc .
You should be good in looping, should know about sessions , local storage, cookies.
Should know about json , xml , HTTP protocols
How to take parent element , child element .

3. Average :

This level means you know jquery well and you are ready to face the interview. Here, you should have a complete understanding of Api’s , how to take values from database or api depending on the situations(AJAX)

  • You should know about the load , ready method,
  • How to create animation: fade in , fade out , css etc
  • Form validation:using regex
  • Traversing :to “find” (or select) HTML elements based on their relation to other elements eg. $(“div”).first();
  • Creating pagination system
  • Methods like (grep , filter , map)
  • Minimizing for loops anywhere
  • jquery Method Chaining : $(“#btnSubmit”).css(“color”, “red”).slideUp(200).slideDown(200);
  • Difference between all the events and the other methods.
  • Jquery effects

4.Expertise :

This means now you are ready to create your own library using jquery. You can be able to think multiple options to deal with the logic and then taking the most proper , personalised and faster loading approach.
Here you are having a complete knowledge about the below

  • Ajax within ajax
  • Timer
  • loading of different library
  • Pseudo-Selectors
  • Misc
  • Effects
  • Sessions , cookies , localstorage , session storage etc
  • FullCalendar , datatable ,
  • Methods on your finger tips:
  • change() ,not(), on(),eq(),get(), isArray() / isEmptyObject() / isFunction() / isPlainObject(),grep(), data(), push(), bind(), unbind(), live(), makeArray(),map(), parseJSON(),proxy(), replaceAll() / replaceWith(), serialize() / serializeArray(),wrap() / wrapAll() / wrapInner(),and die()

**Comment below if you find any difficulties or clarifications from any of the mentioned points.

Jquery :Just know more about the http before using any ajax operation


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