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Why should I learn Jquery..?

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Before I start let me give a brief knowledge about what is Jquery?

Jquery is the Javascript Library where it facilitates the developers to write a javascript.
If you are new to jquery, then certain queries might have encircled in your mind.i.e What is Javascript , Javascript Library, etc.So let’s begin with this terminology.
Javascript: Javascript often confused with the word JAVA, but it has nothing to do with it. There’s no link between these two. And to even learn it you don’t need to know JAVA.

Javascript is a form of code (Interpreted programming language) with many objects oriented capabilities. It is a light weighted code which allows the client-side script to perform fast and easier way to interact with users i.e(dynamic pages are built).

Here client-side script means the script which is commonly written on the page level or comes to form the source.

We also have a server side script which means the code that is not visible( Through inspect, viewing or debugging ) to the users , which originates from some server.These scripts run on the server and will respond to client request via HTTP.

Coming back to the asked query “why should you learn jquery when we have angular, javascript etc.. ?

  1. Its free and open source.
  2. Supports almost all browsers.
  3. Its is much easier to use.
  4. Reduction of much scripts(javascript).
  5. It can be performed on the console level of the page.
  6. It has object-oriented features and advanced inbuilt methods like grep, filter , map etc which allows you to ease your code.
  7. It provides a sweet design to a page.
  8. It gives a healthy validation on-page.
  9. Ajax: Interaction with database.
  10. It is highly extensible and SEO friendly.

Jquery, it’s time to master, but how much?


To call any element we need to write more code document.getElementsById(“test-div”);  

Jquery :

Code gets easier and reduced.
$(‘# test-div’) 
$(‘. test-div ‘)

**Reach out to us if you have any doubts or need any explanation for any of the points written above.

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