Quotes on love: trust me not at all or all in all (Part 1)

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Today I bring out some adorable quotes on love for you all and believe that you would be having a wonderful and nice time while reading it.

And trust me not at all or all in all”

The beautiful words of Alfred Lord Tennyson from ‘Idylls of King’, a cycle of 12 narrative poems that retells the legend of King Arthur, his knight, his love for Guinevere and her tragic betrayal of him and the rise and fall of Arthur’s kingdom.

The words belong to the ‘Merlin and Vivien’ song which are spoken by Vivien and it predominantly states the common emotion on which a family, a society, and even a whole Nation is built-‘TRUST‘. This 5 lettered word gives a firm belief to a person that he can rely on the person or thing. This small lettered word is very easy to build but hard to maintain. It’s as fragile as the glass-once shatters it could be fixed but the cracks will still be visible; And in addition to the crack it also had lowered its strength. From that point, the person gets scrutinized always. A black dot comes in his life and only those with immense willpower can overcome that. And in today’s world, we hardly find such people.

Quotes on Love: trust
Quotes on Love: trust

As the words of the great poet suggest we should either trust a person 100% or, not at all. Being halfway is never good. In such a position we could easily be bamboozled by anyone. We should always have our point of view and try not to believe in other people’s words but to have a firsthand experience of what others are saying. Because in today’s world most of them, out there, are waiting to raise themselves above us. Others believe that only they have the right to be in the position of preachers, path guiders, or whatever else you call them. And as the words of Charles Stewart Parnell suggests,

Get the advice of everybody whose advice is worth having- they are very few- and then do what you think yourself’

This simply implies that go with your heart. Don’t listen to passerby’s views. Have your own set of views on situations and people. You have enough capability to decide whether a person could be trusted or not. To this day, from my personal experience, I say that I have trusted people on the basis of my conscience, through the vibes created by people and that has never disappointed me. Trust is a feeling that you cannot force people. You think you foist it on others but no. That feeling comes from inside, from the experiences you have together, from the facts you know about each other and definitely from your personality. Most of the times you hardly realize that you trust a person, it comes to the forefront only when the concerned person is in question.

Nowadays, we have increased cases of divorce, embezzlements, murder, forgery and many other crimes. Most of them happen only because of the lack of that 5 lettered word ‘TRUST‘. The first basic thing is to reduce all these types of crime is, to begin with, the individual. We ourselves should have belief in us, belief in our thoughts, in our actions, in our words i.e we should learn to trust our own souls first. And for that to happen we should be true to our heart.

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