Why Do We Fall In Love With Korean Drama?

Are you watching any Korean movies ? Yes / Haven’t
If yes, are you in love with Korean drama and movies? Surely I guess Yes. So Everyone gets addicted to the Korean movies once you start visiting and contemplate their beautiful dramas and movie
Still, you haven’t and thinking why should we watch Korean Dramas, Let’s see why we easily fall in love with Korean drama and movies.

Often after getting relieved from our daily work, we try to explore for a better place where we can soothe and relax. Going sportive is one time my favorite thing but this we cannot do around the clock.So then we like to switch on our Television / Mobile / Laptop / Tablet / theatre.But then we do not find the exact things to watch on it. And then we start hunting again for some news/movies/podcast/serials or anything alike. And by the time we start gazing for it, hours of time have been spent. And then once we go out to see it, either our eyes close up or we get involved in some other work. So in order to save your time, I would suggest you have a go with Korean drama and movies, and to get you assured about its content and worth I have brought up this article where you can unearth the facts that why we fall in love with Korean Drama or Movies

Why do we fall in love with Korean Drama?

Korean Drama is a well written classical romantic highbrow movie that you won’t find in any other movie industry.Korean drama/movie industry has done great for the past many years to bring up super adorable romantic movies. When you talk about Korean Movie Industry, then you will never get to see such beautiful written stories with a flawless accomplishment elsewhere.

To make Korean Movies and Drama Industry great and flawless, they have got the most fascinating looking actors and visuals with a perfect natural background. And while catching the glimpse of those epic natural backgrounds, we deliberately want to rest our eyes on the actors and their actions, and that’s where the actor appealing and bracing looks give an immense physical experience to make it even more classical on screen.

Korean dramas with their pretty sense of mastery towards the music give it even more attention by the viewers. The light background music and soundtrack alongside with those romantic scenes and emotions are perfect for the viewer to get into their world of emotions.

Korean drama also get its pleasing attire, perfect background setting, and super cute models and actress to make it look even more adorable.It greatly refines their culture and makes us wonder about their fantasies and scenes even once we have completed the movie. So watching Korean movies is all in all the best package to spend our best-loved lesiure time while being inside the four corners of the house.

If the mentioned facts make you appealing to watch Korean Dramas and Movies then let’s get into some of the listed movies and drams which you can play and enjoy in your boring time. Let’s take a look for few of the dramas its so worthful to see and soothe ourselves

Korean Dramas

  • My Love From Start: A romantic comedy-drama
  • Descendants of the sun: A romantic comedy and action series
  • Fated to love you: A romantic comedy-drama
  • Chief of Staff: A romantic comedy-drama
  • Hotel del Luna: A romantic comedy-drama
  • Healer: A romantic comedy-drama
  • Goblin: A romantic comedy-drama
  • Legend of the blue sea: A romantic comedy-drama
  • You are beautiful: Love story
  • The Heirs: A beautiful romantic story
  • Scarlet Heart Ryeo: An emotional Story

Korean Movies

  • Poetry
  • Memories of Murder (2003)
  • Mother (2009)
  • Okja
  • The Beauty Inside
  • Love, Lies
  • Be With You
  • Castaway on the Moon
  • A Taxi Driver
  • 200 Pounds Beauty
  • Parasite: Won Oscar for BEST PICTURE (2019)

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