A mature and teenage love


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Being in love with someone is one of the best feelings on this planet. But how can you predict that your relationship is mature or teenage love? On what basis you can judge that your relationship is for a long-term or not?

Love is not intricate at all. It is the purest and deepest of all emotions. Loving someone does not mean compromising with your peace of mind.

Here are six basic parameters from which you can judge that is your relationship a mature or teenage love.

Teenage love focuses on your past; mature love helps you carry it

Everyone has a past, and many times, it is horrifying or not something that one can boast of. We can’t do anything about what happened to people before we came into a relationship with them. The best thing we can do is to accept the person with his/her past. What is more significant is how they are now. This is a sign of mature love. But teenage lovers are always trapped in the past. Mature partners accept each other’s pasts and help to heal the wounds. They live in the present and work towards a better future.

Mature love involves trust; teenage love is full of insecurities

Even the most mature partners can feel jealous once in a blue moon. But they discuss it with their partners. They trust each other. Space is very important in love.

Mature lovers give each other space as there is equal trust between them. They don’t believe in creating a prison for their better-half. But, immature lovers keep an eye on you, stalk you or check your mobile phones whenever possible.

Mature lovers find solutions; Teenage lovers are full of doubts

Does he love me? Is she cheating on me with someone else? Do we have a future together?

Teenage lovers always feel insecure about each other and their future together. They have unnecessary doubts. Mature love transcends all these doubts and questions. They don’t need any kind of reassurance from their partners.

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Mature lovers value their relationship; Teenage lovers take you for granted

If you are a mature lover, you will value your partner and relationship. You will try your best to make the other person feel special and wanted. You will feel fortunate to have a connection with someone that others crave for.

But if you are in teenage love, you may take your partner for granted. You underestimate their painstaking efforts. Your expectations from your dear ones might be too high.

Mature lovers love you for what you are; Teenage lovers try to change you

In a mature relationship, you accept the partner for what he/she is. You know that nobody is perfect and that includes you and your partner also. Accepting your partner for their perfections as well as their imperfections is a sign of a mature relationship. Teenage love tries to change you according to their will. Immature lovers don’t accept the way you are.

Mature couple discuss; Teenage lovers argue

When you are in a relationship with someone, it is natural to have differences in opinions. Mature couples try to understand each other’s perspective. On the other side, teenage lovers believe that only they are right and their partner is wrong. They look at things only from their perspective. They try to force their opinions on you. Teenage lovers also try to be loud and pushy.

Therefore, these are the basic differences between a mature relationship and teenage love. A mature relationship is about understanding the silence of your partner. It is about supporting each other through thick and thin.

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