Fight Or Flight- Which Category Do You belong?

Fight or flight- Which category do u belong? How many times have you given up your dreams? You wanted something terribly but couldn’t reach it because you know circumstances will never allow it to happen? Or did you remain persistent on what you wanted, silenced by the surrounding but finally bursting out from your cocoon and achieving what you wanted? Well, the former category folks will be sad about the fact that they don’t get to enjoy life. while the latter will be prepping up for the next experience of their life!!! Both are the situations controlled entirely by our adrenaline and intuitions.

Have you ever seen parents forcing the baby to walk?

Every man is born with bondages- physical, emotional, traditional- etc. people say we are born without anything-it’s totally a lie. We are born with one of the strongest powers imaginable- intuitions or hunches. If used properly they always lead to a perfect life. But sadly, we don’t care for these. People who have surpassed their limitations by noticing their intuitions succeed. Doesn’t feel true? Well, let’s take the example of a baby. Have you ever seen parents forcing them to walk? No, never. It happens on its own. That’s what people call “the baby’s first steps”. It may be one or two, after which they fall and cry. But they do it again, eventually reaching a stage of running or climbing or jumping!!! Babies just do what they feel, they are never stopped by the norms or customs. They govern their life, nobody else could control them.

Everything in this world is achieved by baby steps. A single giant leap always turns out to be a failure; just like how you can’t mug up the whole syllabus on the previous night of exam. Baby steps are important for overall development. It’s only through them we learn important lessons, some hardcore ones particularly. The fact that stands out is that you try.

Without trying you can never know how far you could go. intuitions in life not only give us green signals but also red ones too. It depends on us how well do we interpret them. ever had any weightless feeling before an event? Didn’t it go well? Or what about the situation when you get a strong feeling something is not right and after some time or the exact moment you find something that disrupts you? Well, those are your intuitions. They are something which can be felt and is truly existing. This is what makes us realize that there is some purpose for our life, and we are always watched upon- we just need to start living in the moment. But it takes time and patience and a clear mind to reach that understanding with our inner self.

What is the fear?

“We must travel in direction of our fear”
-John Berryman

Well, they are just certain controllable emotions that happen to hinder our dreams. They are feelings which can be conquered by certain perfect steps. If you don’t go beyond your comfort zone you could never find the wonders that you could achieve. Fear is one of the common reasons why our heart is not at rest. We tend to rely on our comfort zone and even though are hunch is to go ahead we withdraw from the event, naming it as our fear. Well, that stumbles your growth, your opportunities and ultimately your dreams and passions.

Myths and stories were created just to keep children safe from any danger. We are told water is deep, not to go. But we are not told that if you learn swimming you could save a drowning child. We are told the fire is hot, to stay away from it. We only learn about insulation materials when we reach the age of 7 or 8. but have we ever thought that the real villains of any life are tabooed? What are they? Well, there are many- they don’t have countermeasures, once fallen to depths we hardly come out. Fear should never be a reason to give up, as it is what losers do. Ask yourself- are you a loser?

Life is a gift

“In this world, I would rather live two days like a tiger, than two hundred years like a sheep.”
-Tipu Sultan

 nobody knows how much days you have left. It could be taken at any moment. We think of the future, wait for a while. This time change it. Think you are dying at this moment. Are you happily going to leave this world giving your farewells, accepting that you have done the most out of it? Or do you feel terrified that you haven’t shown the love, the respect, the care that you actually wanted to give? Don’t think of your financial status, that doesn’t have to do anything with a peaceful death, point to be noted. I could bet that majority of us fall in the second category. Why does it happen? Because we never went out of our limits, our fears to live life. We tend to stay in our comfort zones and simply pass on our days, waiting for death. And when it comes, we tremble, unwilling to go cause our soul still hasn’t reached its goal. If going on a different path leads you to happiness, then go for it. Initially, you will be alone. But eventually, you will find solace in the path. Don’t be afraid of death. It’s inevitable. But definitely, you could decide how your death could impact others. Tipu Sultan had an opportunity of hiding and running away from enemies, but he chose to fight and he is remembered as “ Tiger of Mysore”. What do you want to be remembered as after your death?

“Keep right on the end of the road,
Keep right on the end.
Tho’ the way be long let your heart be strong
Keep right at the end of the road.”
-Harry Lander

    Conquering your fears, taking baby steps, going towards your path is only possible if you are persistent in your dreams. The goal may seem unreachable but how could you know if you give up without trying? If you don’t give a shot how do you know how far you could reach?

You never know what lies outside your home until you explore the area. You never know what lies for your life, you have to seek it out for yourself. Once you find your happiness, take time to evaluate and formulate how to recreate it so it motivates you constantly and gives the driving force for working on. Your happiness is decided by you, don’t sacrifice it for things that you could easily handle. Saying no at right place and right time, learning from your mistakes, believing in self, following your intuitions will definitely help you reach the right place.

Spread selfless love

Happiness is not having just good timings but having a satisfaction even when you are facing the deepest grief, which gives you a reason to continue fighting. when in a situation ask yourself – is it worth fighting for or simply giving up ? one core advice don’t give up without trying, and that too never in halfway. Before you put your foot down think twice or seriously take time to consider do you want to do this? Because after you get in that you should realize you are going to face its consequences and if you try to run from them your life becomes a hell!!!

Remember in this world whatever your dreams or passions are they should never be aimed at restricting others growth; in fact, you should take everyone with you. Help the people around you. Spread selfless love. Be clever and smart enough to look upon your works and to stop in your tracks the moment you understand that your hand is going beyond the nose of the person. Your dreams and passions should be such that people around you remain happy in their life though they might experience a short span of discomfort as they are witnessing the breaking of the customs and norms. And as Joy. F has said,

“Fight for the fairy tale, it does exist”

So, what do you opt-in your case of dream or passion – FIGHT OR FLIGHT? Do comment and let me know your opinion.

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