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Life: What Comes Easy Won’t Last long, And What lasts long won’t come easy

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Life: What Comes Easy Won’t Last long, And What lasts long won’t come easy

The first birthday , the first day of your college ,the first day of your job,the first day you met your love ,the first achievement of your life, the first book you read,…….these are some ‘first‘ celebrations of our life, of our early ages. They are deeply engraved in our hearts. No reminders are ever required for that.

We all tend to make the ‘first‘ of every event,a special one. In life, these ‘firsts‘, could be bitter or sweet. Tarot card readers say that everything happens to make us reach our life goal. All our experiences are meant to teach us lessons, to guide us, to lead us on the right path. In Henry Brooke Adams words,”All experience is an arch to build upon”. We need time to learn and mature. Our first action will be different from our subsequent actions, in the same situation.

“Variety’s the very spice of life.
That gives it all its flavours”
-William Cowper

True to the words of Cowper, we can’t have the same situations again and again. Nobody will love to lead a monotonous life. Life is like water,it needs to flow. It needs to change courses,it needs to fall from heights,it needs to merge silently or sometimes noisily with the sea. Thus,we have always our ‘first’ days or moments or situations to speak about, only if we take chances.

When you keep your life open to new options,things happen. You get many firsts to celebrate ,to learn and to enjoy. Things sometimes don’t happen, but never lose hope. Learn from your life. Take lessons from there seriously. Life is the best teacher as it gives you lessons in rapid form. It never spoonfeeds you. You are allowed to grow as vast as you can. Every second of life you learn something new, knowingly or unknowingly.

Learning from your surroundings is also important. You might feel sad or depressed on seeing people celebrating their ‘firsts’ happily,. Watch them. Know them. To reach that day they would have worked hard. Simply sitting hoping that life will come and give your ‘first’ will never work out. Here’s an Aesop fable for you, which is titled The Owl and the Nightingale .

“The Owl and the Nightingale”.


There was once a nightingale, in a cage by a window, who was in the habit of singing only at night. An owl who was puzzled by this asked the nightingale what the reason was. ‘When I was captured,’ explained the nightingale,’it was day and I was singing. In this way, I learnt to be more prudent and to sing only at night.’

‘Are you afraid of being captured a second time? ‘, asked the baffled owl.’ It would have been better if you were more careful the first time when your freedom was at risk. Now it doesn’t really matter anymore!’

A short story,giving out a big message. Definitely as the owl said, the bird should have been careful the first time. How? Well, it would have surely seen others getting captured. So it should have planned out earlier. After the situation goes out of your hands, don’t expect life to give you a second chance. If you’re lucky and you get a chance,then do wisely handle it. This is where what I said earlier comes in application- learning from others mistakes. They teach a lot too.

In our life, we usually stumble upon our false ‘first’ days and believe this is it. If in the course, something goes wrong, we get shattered. But, remember giving up on hope will never help you. As I said tarot readers believe that these false experiences are necessary to help you direct your energy in the right direction. Continuous learning from life is necessary for peaceful living.

Life never serves us perfect dishes on platters. It always has to be earned. Deserving something,never means,you will get it. Sometimes you have to fight for it. You have to work hard. Then only life rewards you. It’s never easy. You have to toil day and night to make it the best. Because what you give is what you get. You have to trust your feelings, explore the world around you. Learn from experiences i.e past. Use the lessons in the present to make a perfect future. Remember the words of Sören Kierkegaard,

“Life must be understood backwards…but it must be lived forwards.”

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