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C Tutorial: Let’s learn in a much easier way

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We always think of easier, quicker, and briefer explanations of any technology-related things. Here we bring out the detailed simple C Tutorial for you.

Before starting let’s take a look upon here:
To understand how it works you just need to be very playful with the code. After knowing and gathering knowledge in C, I with my experience have categorized the different levels of C and the time it will take for the following to achieve it.
1.Basic: It will just take a week
2.Understanding: It will take few weeks i.e (1-3) depends on you
3.Average: It will take some more weeks i.e(2-5) depending on your sincerity and interest.
4.Expertise: It will take a bit longer i.e (5-10 weeks)

C is the very basic language, the language is not at all in use in this fast running world, but still, some older applications run on C platform.

Why do we need to learn C?
There are many languages that have already come into the market which are much robust, quicker, and smart i.e Java, C++, C#, Python, etc. With the emerging of these languages, C was no more to be seen in the market. There are also plenty of disadvantages of using C to make any application. But To learn any higher-level language it’s very needful and useful to learn C, as it covers the basics of almost all programming. By knowing C, It will aid us by providing quick learning, easy developing, easy understanding of the workflow, and building logical skills.

So to start with any other programming language it is always considered to be known with C language. So let’s get into it.

I will be covering almost all the topics which will be much needful to you before learning any high-level language. So the tutorials will consist of the different learning phases. Wish you will enjoy and learn the C Tutorial.

Before starting the learning phase lets take an overview of the language C

verview of the language C


  • The C Language was the successor of the B language.
  • It was developed by Dennis Ritchie.
  • C Language was invented to write a UNIX, an operating system, and create system-based applications.
  • It is a Procedure-oriented/Structured? Mid-level programming language.

Let’s see an example of this programming language and show you how it looks.
To show a welcome message on the screen “Welcome to tenOclocks “

#include <stdio.h>

void main() {
   printf(" Welcome to tenOclocks");

The first line we call as a header.
Second is the main function of void type.
we have a print command/function to print whatever the text is present in the double-quotes.

We will discuss in detail different learning phases for the C programming language.

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