In A Cat’s Eye, All Things Belongs To A Cat

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In A Cat’s Eye, All Things Belongs To A Cat:
According to this old proverb, cats acquire whatever they desire for.

Summary: For cats getting their wishes fulfilled is an act and to this, they are very smart at. The owners could easily relate to the fact that cats can’t be taught on the wills of the owner; the cat has to feel it!!! In fact, they tame the owners in return. Let’s go through some of the facts revolving around this cute, mysterious pet.


Cats domestication is well known in the country of Egypt. They weren’t pets but considered as demigods and slowly got accepted as pets. Not necessarily worshipped as gods, they have connected to feline Goddess especially Bastet. She is considered as the divine mother, protector and a guardian against evil spirits. There is a custom of shaving eyebrows if a domesticated cat dies. Roman scholar, Herodotus recorded in his notes that when a beloved cat dies shaving the eyebrows is a sign of mourning, for a period till it grows back!!!!


Cats cannot see directly under its nose. Despite the sharp eyes, cats can miss things. It turns out that they have a blind spot located right under their chin. They have a type of nearsightedness, so they can see better at a closer distance than farther away. A cat can hydrate on saltwater. Surprised? Its true, as they could easily drink salt water. Their kidneys are capable of filtering the saltwater.

In A Cat's Eye All Things Belongs To A Cat
Do you know how cats greet each other?

They greet by their noses. They show affection by rubbing their heads against each other and along the sides of their bodies. Cats could rotate their ears 180 degrees, to locate and identify even the faintest of squeaks, peeps or rustling noises.

They are superior to dogs for hearing higher frequencies and are slightly inferior at the low end of the frequency scale. In the life of cat its 1st year equals 15 years of human life, 2nd year equals 25 years of human life. From the 3rd year, one cat year equals for 7 years.

Purring of cats is scientifically considered as self-healing. It’s a frequency between 25 Hz and 150 Hz, which happens to be the frequency at which muscles and bone best grow and repair itself. They have a highly sensitive stomach. They shouldn’t be given onion, garlic, raisin, chocolates, grapes or green tomatoes. Milk is though seen liked intensively by cats, actually its bad for them. They are lactose intolerant and milk easily upsets their stomach!!!


Didga, a cat, can perform 24 tricks in one minute on a skateboard. It’s pretty common to have a dog perform the tricks but in case of cats, they are self-willed and hard to train. But the owner of Didga (short of Didgeridoo) , Robert Dollwet has been able to achieve this feat. The cat completed tricks varying from rolling over to jumping over a bat whilst on a skateboard.

A cat was mayor of an Alaskan town for 20 years. It was an orange tabby called Stubbs. It was mayor of Talkeetna, from July 1997 until his death in July 2017.

Seen those cat doors? Well, it was the idea of none other than our genius Issac Newton. While experimenting at the University of Cambridge, he was interrupted by his cat, scratching on the door. He made the carpenter saw 2 holes in the door – one for mom and other for the kittens.

In 1963, a cat went to space. It was on October 18. Felicette, also known as the ‘Astrocat’ was the 1st and the only cat to go to space.

How does your cat react to Music? Actually, its found that they hate music and get uneasy at the slightest sound. So does it means no music? Well, a contradictory study has revealed that the music by David Tiete-‘Music for Cats’- has been composed with the help of scientists. Check it out and see how your cat reacts to it( Do tell us how did it go in the comment section below!)

The facts related to cats don’t end here. This is just a small part of them.

“There are 2 means of refuge from the miseries of life: Music and Cats”

So true are the words of Albert Schweitzer.
They are not just apt for cats, but for every pet out there. During this lockdown period, staying at home, looking after your pet, spending time together definitely strengthens your bond!!! Exploit this time wisely, show that you care. Ensure safer conditions for you and your pet. Stay safe, stay happy and lets hope and pray for everything to return to the initial state of balance and warmth..

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