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From Good To An Adverse Definition Of Ragging.

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Ragging is a word that a sign of a bad culture in all colleges and universities. Despite the fact, universities have banned the action of severe ragging; it continues in many institutes. Ragging is the medium of initiation into the real world and to increase familiarity with juniors.
Ragging has a different meaning for everyone. From good to an adverse, ragging has a different definition. There are a few positive aspects of ragging as well.

The positive side of ragging

Sort of interaction

It is always very special to be in the first year of any college or university for a student. It holds a special position in every students’ life. There is no rulebook for ragging. But, it needs to be clean and not hurting anyone.

Friendly environment

It has to be positive and fun and not harassment and insult for the students. We cannot ignore that ragging when done as interaction acts as a good way to meet new people. It helps the fresher students to interact and unite with their batch. This hardship strengthens the bond of friendship for the years that are about to come.


Dark Side of Ragging

We all are aware of the dark side of ragging through the media reports suicide cases, harassment. Ragging becomes an abusive activity when seniors take it to a serious step and cross the line. Ragging is to break the cocoon of the moth-like to make them open but not to destroy their psyche. The whole logic here is if ragging acts as evil if it harms any person. It is only beneficial when it does not sniff the development and future of the student.

The seniors should know their limits and maintain a friendly environment with juniors. It makes it easy for young minds to adjust and make new friends at a new place. The tradition of ragging has changed to welcome the juniors from harassing them now.

It is very important to see that ragging does not act as a medium to hurt sentiments of any person. This common behaviour of seniors to rag the whole batch of newcomers has made the situation a little complex. Ragging has become havoc for the students and their parents too.  

The unfortunate events that have taken place due to ragging have built a negative image of ragging. The word ragging is more negative than positive. Most of the time, ragging takes a serious turn when it becomes a matter of personal grudges between the seniors and juniors.

The solution of ragging lies in the hands of the students themselves. Colleges and universities have banned ragging and it has become rampant. Due to the inhuman practices of the seniors, more and more educational institutes have taken it to a serious note.

Ragging is the ugly truth of universities that students have to face when they enter the college to start their career.


The practice of interacting with the fresher students has now taken the role of a potent tool to ill-treat and punish poor students. The ragging has become an evil for the students that damages one’s esteem for the living. Often, it has gone so bad leading to psychological disorders in a person. Many times, the ragging affects the minds of the young to a severe extent. They might even withdraw the college, which disturbs their further career.

At last, it is up to the young one to act smart. Understand the difference between the positive interaction and when it takes a turn into serious ragging. Decide when the sort of familiarity is going overboard.

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