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Movie time! Experience Your Fear When A Stranger Calls and you are alone

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Movie time , Have you ever been caught by emptiness, where you stayed alone in your house and then someone knocks you at the door in the middle of the night? Yes?
Then you can take a glimpse of the same in the movie “When a stranger calls” made by Simon West and written by Jake Wade Wall.
If No?
then you need to experience it so that you can be cautious and protective in such emptiness situations.

Movie time:

Today in a movie time I bring out before you a perfect movie for your great Sunday. The movie happens to be on my list due to the fact that everyone does experience at least once in a lifetime when we have to stay alone in our house or at any desolated place and then strangely we get the unknown calls or the dreadful sound outside or inside from the house. A situation like the same surely gives us the goosebumps.

I in any of such situations, either would wrap up my entire body inside the blankets and close our ears with our pillows or call my loved ones and police. As to call police its not always considered as sometimes its the gusty winds or the animals which might have been the cause of the scary sound.

To make you even more careful and aware, I am taking you to the movie named ” When a stranger calls”. With the scant brief of the story, you can get the outline of it and then it’s you to decide whether it can meet with your promise.

movie time

Movie time! When a stranger calls

The movie shows an affluent family and their fascinating villa, which is housed with luxurious equipment. The family keeps Jil (Camilla Belle) to babysit for them as they were going out and will arrive at midnight. They also told jill to take care of their two children who were asleep at the upstairs, and also about the secured lock system in the house.

Once they leave Jill starts receiving anonymous phone calls from a stranger. During the initial calls, he used to be mum on the calls and then later he speaks of his intention to kill her and the babies. Initially, she believed it to be her friends who are trying to prank her but then after talking with her friends she got frightened confirming it was not a mere prank call but an appalling situation.

movie time
Villa , When a stranger calls

Then the series of horrific events begin to occur. The movie goes more and more exacting for Jill who tries to save the children and herself from the stranger. The stranger keeps on calling her and marks all her movements in the house.
Jill finds out the corpse of Tifanny, a friend of Jill and Rosa, the maid of the house which made her so uncomfortable and scared. We see how the stranger steps inside the house and the atmosphere of panic and fearful situation arises among the children and Jill. They manage to escape each time the intruder comes near to them. In the end, we see how Jill gets into a hand to hand fight with the assailant, where she manages to stab the intruder’s hand into the hardwood floor with a fireplace poker.
The entire movie sits on how Jill with her intelligence and bravery not only saved herself and the children but also helped the police to arrest him.

The movie ends with an abrupt and panic scene which is quite a horrific
and a frightful ending.

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